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Hot Guy In My BLOG
bithcy at 18:36 on Thursday, 24 November 2011 0371Singing


The Sassy Diva Gerard way Ofcoz! ^_^..i love him!! From i was 7 okay!! :D

The Shy n Sensitive guy!! Brendon Urie..i crush on him in i write since not tragedies video 'hes deadly cute!

Oliver Skyes yang sangat selamber n gegile!!...I start crazy on him when the bless with a curse video ^^V

Aww..Ronnie Radke...the noty starting open my eyes wide when my frens kid telling me bout his video clip..n i just!!...XD

Last on My chart is billie joe armstronge...ouh..baru masuk chart...sgt cumel n sweet!!...before i just focusing on his music n i realized he so damn sweet n cute!..OMG... XD

p/s : Behave and Respect Others copcat not Allowed ty ^_^

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